Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The great winter weight loss...

I'm not one to really think to much about weight. Even if the wife does think I'm obsessed by it. Just because I weigh myself at least once a week!

My bike last year was approx 12 kilos so if I was going to get a new one it had to be faster. Part of that included the weight. Not really sure how you judge speed but I guess if it feels quicker and the stop watch says its quicker I must be on the right track. So the new bike is 11kg and if I swapped a few more parts I could maybe loose 1/2 a kilo more. However to save that 1/2 kilo means a new cassette, a new seat post, a new seat and different tyres and then thats at least 500 euros gone. Going to leave the bike as is until bits wear out.

I also looked at what I carried during Trans Portugal last year and how much I actually used. I brought a new camelbak, new bike tool and new pump. Just those saved nearly 500 grams on the same items and it was only just over 100 euros.

Then I guess there is me. I was a bit of a porker a few years ago and weighed 93 kg at my peak. I returned to cycling at approx 80kg two and a half years ago and watched my weight drop. I had a goal to be 68kg for Trans Portugal in 2012 and if I hit 70 kg I would be happy. Getting to 73kg was fairly easy and in Jan 2012 I weighed in at this. By May I was right on 69kg and very happy.

Ride fat boy ride...(circa 2003)

This year I had to target a bit lower and have gone for 67kg. The good news is I'm almost there. It was easier of course as I was starting at my winter weight of 73kg rather than 80kg. I've tried to eat well and just cut the crap from my diet. Doesn't always work of course and I'm worried I'm eating muscle of my body rather than the fat. However the only real way to tell is get my power measured and with the price in Switzerland for this it will have to wait. It's to late now to change much anyway.

Also speaking of weight, one of the things I've done differently is to always carry two or three extra kilos with me home from work each day. I live at the top of a hill so have to ride up and typically do close on 500 metres of climbing each ride. That includes the 500 metres down in the morning !!! I'm hoping this simulates having to carry a camelbak for TP. It also makes the weekend rides that are much longer so much easier without the extra weight.

So all up I think I'll be carrying about 3.5 kgs less this year. I'm hoping that the 5-10% that I was behind on the hills will be the difference this year and I can stick with the faster guys.

A bit skinnier in 2012
Now just to make sure I don't lose focus in the next four weeks !!!

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  1. A few k's less, but a lot more climbing done, you' are going to be much stronger in the hill sections this year !!