Sunday, 27 April 2014

New Bikes in 2014

This year I was quite lucky.  Two new bikes joined the others.

Finally finished my Colnago.  I brought the frame in New Zealand some time in 1997 I would guess.  It stayed there as a frame till my sister finally brought it to me in about 2010.  The winter of 2013/2014 finally saw me build it up.

It's a 1995 Colnago Superisimo with an 11 Speed Athena Group set.  I got some wheels of ebay with Campagnolo hubs and had brought other new bits and pieces whilst in Holland.  All parts are Italian except for the pedals and bottle cages.  All parts were new or NOS stock except the wheels.

It's a joy to ride and the only thing missing are some decent light wheels with Tubular's.  One day...


I also finally took possession of an ALU Eddy Merckx.  This was going to be the donor bike for the group set for the Colnago.  However this bike was from about 2001 and in perfect condition.  I just couldn't take it apart,  A few paint chips and that was about it.  Replaced the chain, tyres, brake blocks, cassette, jockey wheels, handlebar tape, and the awful seat and it was good to go.  I added the mudguards a few weeks later and it's been a perfect winter bike.  Full Daytona 2001 10 speed group including seat post and hubs.  It's a bit heavy but most of that's in the wheels.  It does struggle with a 39x27 up a few steep hills but in winter I stay away from them anyway as it's just to icy.

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  1. Happy to see you having fun with Eddy :-)
    Beautiful Colnago too!