Monday, 23 June 2014


2nd one day race of the season

One of those things when go to a race you gave never done before you don't quite know what to expect. Well in my case it turns out that there were multiple starting bunches.  And of course I was in the last one.  We got to start a full 30 mins behind the good guys.  At least Nigel was with me so someone to chat in English on the start line.

We got to start behind the motorbikes and I was right at the front.  On the first climb no one seemed so keen to get moving so I led the whole way up it.  Not long after this you look around and realise that there are very few people with you.  Of course your already passing people from the bunch in front.  A spectator was king enough to tell me that I was in third (from our starting group).

I was on the 2nd climb just minding my own business when an English decided to stop in for a chat.  I'm not always the friendliest when running at max on a hill climb.  Why bother chatting and wasting energy.  Requires some thought and effort to keep the legs turning at warp speed.

I'd learnt last year that backpacks if your fast are just a no go and of course my Bikes only got one space for a watter bottle.  The thing is though the the "french" races here in Switzerland just seem to have not much support.  Drinks offered to you in cups or small supermarket screw tops!!!  It becomes a battle to get water in a hurry at the stops.  I normally chuck the bottle and grab another where possible.  I've become quite adapt at yelling at whoever has a bottle at the side of the road to grab it.  Managed to get one and shared it with the English guy who was now tailing me.  Didn't see him for much longer after this.

Not much else happened the whole race.  More ups and more down and nothing to technical.  Nice sunny day.  Steamrolled past so many people.  Was really nice to see the wife and kids at the finish yelling and cheering for me. 

Believe I was in the top 5 for our bunch which was amazing.  I finished 17th in Class and 76th overall.  If I'd started with the front bunch 'm sure my results would have been better.

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