Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Cape Epic - Stage 2

The day from hell...

I'd love to remember something about today but the fact is I can't

I can remember suffering like a dog for the last 30 km but something was just not right with me all day.  I also remember Fanie telling me more than once to get my crap together and get on with it.  Something that was far beyond me as a load of teams passed us towards the end.

I can also remember the large cracking noise somewhere to the end of the stage.  It turns out later that that noise was the bearings in the rear wheel disintegrating whilst I rode.  They could not turn the bearings in the wheel by hand afterwards so this was probably the big reason for the crappy day.

The only other thing I remember was having to sit straight down after the stage whilst the legs starting cramping.  Not sure if this was due to the effort or just the day that was.  The wife manged to see me on live TV post stage which was not great.

Stage position 15th in class, 70th overall

GC 14th in class, 66th overall

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