Friday, 9 May 2014

Trans Portugal, DAY0, BRAGANÇA

Well where to start...

Left the rain and cold in Switzerland on Wednesday to Lisbon.  Caught up with quite a few of the guys from previous years over a meal that night and relived old tales.

The bus ride up to Braganca on Thursday and we were actually on time.  Yes thats me giving a V for victory...(with a new haircut)

Friday has been a fairly chilled day and we've done the usual briefings and had GPS lessons.  Put the bike together and no major dramas.  Feeling fairly relaxed and taken the bike out for a bit of a blast.  Great to see all the staff and be part of a big family.

Weather looks hot dry and dusty.  Expecting 30 degrees and sunshine.

The competion?  Well who knows...lots of tanned skinny looking people and big legs is always a bad sign for me.  But hey the Fast Portuguese guys have been talking about me and Danny and we've talking about them so I guess that's good.

I'll ride my own race and not be intimidated.  If I feel good I'll stick it out and if not well, I won't disgrace  myself.

Tomorrow from 9am we will know.

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