Monday, 12 May 2014


3rd STAGE / 12 MAY
108 Kms
Climbing - 3069 m

Weather - max 32c warm and windy
Stage Place - 4th
Overall Place - I think I moved up to 4th

Not a lot to say about today.  Once again a long lonely ride.

We started at 9am again and the first hill was about 5km from the start.  Jose lead us there all the way.  The climb starts with a 100 metre maybe 22% tester before easing off.  Jose powered ahead and I stayed fairly even with Luis until closer to the top.  Turned around and no one behind me so it was time to push on.

Lovely 4km technical down which consists of big rough roman slabs.  Passed Edgar down here somewhere and found out later he'd had a wee off.  Fortunately nothing damaged on bike or body.

On the first big climb of the day I caught Danny and he was climbing well.  Been telling Danny for a while he can climb but just has to believe it.  Passed them and they came back to me not log after on a big flat.  I wasn't going to stop for water at 35km but did anyway.  Bit of a disaster.  Open the camel bak but manged to let more water out than in.  Trundled off up the road with Danny in pursuit.  Thought they would come back to me so didn't push on too much but didn't see them again.

I came across Peter not long after this.  Tube in hand and his comment was bloody Schwalbe tyres.  I found out later he'd had six punctures to go with the two from yesterday.  I suspect his bike will have two new tyres tomorrow.  A bit unfair to only blame the tyres when the rider has a lot to do with it bit six is a lot!!!  I took over 30 mins out of him and passed him in GC.

On the 2nd big climb of the day I was already in 7th place.  Well that didn't last long...I was 4th by the top.  Even had time for a smile.

Stopped at the bottem of the climb for more water and probably took far to much.  Hate carrying to much extra crap.    That was it really.  On the third climb I was 7mins behind Luis at the bottem and arrived 8mins behind him at the finish.  Tomorrow will be another good day !!!

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