Sunday, 5 May 2013

Trans Portugal, DAY 2, FREIXO - GUARDA

FREIXO - GUARDA, 5th May 2013

Length -110km
Climbing - 2892Metres
Weather - Warm and sunny
Stage Place - 11th (10th actually)
Overall Place - 10th

Wow what a day. We started at 10am and hit the small steep climb by the start line. By the first little climb a few kilometres later there was just three of us. Marco, Adam and myself. We took it steady till the technical gorge that was at 10km. Marco bombed down the hill followed by Adam and then me. We caught and passed loads. Quite a few walking and a few shredded tyres in the side. Adam was a bit sketchy and nearly went over the bars a few times. After the third or four heart stopping moment I passed him. Had a good run down after this and we caught what was left of the bunch in front of us at the start of the climb. (Walk)

We regrouped at the top. Marco, Rodrigo, Danny and me and headed off down the road. Next big climb was at 18km and Marco departed from us. Adam passed the three of us on the climb and we let him go never to be seen again. Myself and Dan took turns and Rodrigo was struggling a bit. We rode at a nice pace without stressing ourselves too much. Michael caught us at about 30km and rode with us.

At the top of a pretty nasty climb we stopped for water. I'd purposely only carried a litre in the camelbak just to make this point. All the major climbing was over before this so no point lugging extra kilos up a hill. Michiel didn't stop so we lost him here.

At about 65 km there was another castle and we lost Rodrigo here. Eventually drifted off the back. Myself and Danny just took long turns on the front each and rode within ourselves. It was great and I really enjoyed it. Pushing but without the huge stress. Some where here a rider barrelled past us and promptly turned the wrong way. We caught him again before he rode off again and we watched him go the wrong way again. We found out that he had stopped and had to ask for assistance to get a new pedal. Since we knew this we let him go and he only finished a few minutes in front of us.

Myself and Danny just rode on till the finish together. We caught 2-3 riders in the last 10 km. The last rider we saw was Francisco and we were about 30 metres behind him Danny yelled "Francisco we are coming". The startled rabbit looked back saw us and took off. We chased for 7km and finished 20 metres behind him.

Officially Danny was 9th and I was 11th. I was actually 10th but they confused the two Malcolm's. No big deal as we get the same time anyway.

So I've moved up to 10th in GC and one place behind Danny. Tomorrow is the climbing day...happy with today and we didn't push so much so hoping I will feel fresh for a big day tomorrow.

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