Monday, 6 May 2013



Length -108km
Climbing - 3683Metres
Weather - 15 - 20 degrees with sun, cloud and some light showers.
Stage Place - 12th
Overall Place - 10th

Another good day. We started at 9am again today. We promptly made the same mistake as last year and took a wrong turn close to the start. Lots of yelling to the bunch and most of us turned back to make the turn. I was first back on the right route and promptly had some riders coming the wrong way down the correct route to do the right route.

At the first climb which was a small one there was the myself, Marco, Adam left. Somewhere after here was a 4km technical downhill on roman roads. Passed a few on the way down before making a wrong turn not long after. Marco had gone to never been seen again. Adam and Michiel came past me here and we caught Rodrigo again. He said that he wasn't going to stay with them and at the start of the first big climb of 10 km I let them go too.

I had a good climb and could see riders ahead of me. I caught Danny just before the first water point at 35km. I quickly filled up and set back off up of the road. I caught Danny again not long after. From here on (and I guess a lot earlier) I was pretty much on my own.

At the 2nd climb I was still feeling ok. One of the high placed GC riders steamrolled past me he after having two punctures. This climb last year was just a mud pit. So glad it was not like last year. Passed a few more riders on this before hitting the top and the first long descent.

I missed the water point at 75km and decided to keep going anyway. I still had a full bidon and didn't know how full the camelbak was. The 17km climb was tough but I just did it at my own pace. Passed one on the climb and caught two more right at the very top. I'm not so strong on the steep stuff but on the mild false flats I can make rapid progress.

I hung with Nick and I think a Scott and struggled up the last 2km of the climb. The downhill started and I knew we were close to the end. I struggled to stay with Nick on the downhill and wondered what size front chain ring he had. There was a small flat piece on gravel and I stuck the boot in as a tester and they were off. We hit the last 5-6km Tarmac descent down switchback which was fun and fantastic. Nick gave chase and i could see him on some of the switchbacks. Turns out Nick has a 42 and me a 38 so happy with that. Got a minute on him in the last 5 km.

I managed to roll in at 12th place and was fairly happy. Body still feels in good shape and I didn't extend myself to much. I passed Danny in the GC but he gets six minutes head start each day so it will be tough to keep that.

Tomorrow should be easier and we are going through a small village called Monsanto. Awesome place and remember it from last year. Big hill surrounded by flats with a roman road up and down through it.

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  1. Great effort Malcolm !!
    Top 10 GC looks in scope.

    Please do have some fun as well :)