Friday, 10 May 2013


MONSARAZ - ALBERNOA, 10th May 2013

Length -143km
Climbing - 2009Metres
Weather -  Hot and very sunny.  33 degress
Stage Place - 6th
Overall Place - 8th

Good day.  Wrote a massive long post but it got eaten on my iPad mini.

In short...finished 6th.  Upset some people and moved up a place on GC to 8th.  Helped Marco as much as I could and feel good.

There is only three minutes to 9th and 4 minutes to 10th on GC.  Mine to loose but the 9th place guy is ex tour du France rider and starts 30 mins in front of me.  10th on GC starts 15 mins in front.

Long day tomorrow with some big hills and will be hot.  It's easily the 2nd hardest stage and maybe even the hardest.

There is also five people admitted to hospital today with a virus that has been doing the rounds.

Starts with a cough and then uncontrolled vomiting .  Lets hope it skips me.

Sleep calls

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